Way back in October, this guy, Bobby Malecki, amidst the Heat haters natioooon wide, wrote an article for this fine website proclaiming that the Miami Heat were about to embark on a dynastic run and that the Boston Celtics would never again be a championship threat out East. Needless to say....It feels good to be right, correct, correct-emudo!!!! Seven long months later, the Miami Heat are on the verge of closing out the Chicago Bulls after ushering out the Celtics in a quick five in the previous round. America needs to get used to it, the Heat are here to stay. 

I'm not writing this article to pat myself on the back for how right I was and will continue to be, well maybe a little bit, but more or less, just to talk about the Heat. Even when the Heat were struggling to get acclimated together, I never doubted that they would be playing basketball well into June. I wasn't able to proclaim this in an article during the season due to my devotion to the Milwaukee Bucks, which is a nightmare I wish not to get into. I love to write, the Bucks made me not want to write this year. So from now on, I am just going to write on what I want to write about, without any commitment to a singular team. So watch out FanVFan-ers, I'm back and I am here to stay and I plan on writing with a lot more frequency whether you like it or not. Though, I think you will.

Let's get down to business: The Miami Heat are going to win the NBA Championship this season. And the next season. And the season after that.... make it a six-pack. It doesn't matter if Dwight Howard gets to LA. It doesn't matter if Chris Paul winds up in the Big Apple. This Big Three is as good as it gets and they simply cannot be topped.

Bosh, LBJ and Wade all know their roles. They don't get upset when one guy is attracting the spot light. When one of them is hot, the other two make sure he's getting the rock. The 'Heatles' are unselfish, can beat you in a variety of ways, and most importantly, do the little things. They don't just score the ball, make flashy plays and create highlight reel moments. They pay attention to detail, they set screens, they dive for loose balls, they box out, they crash the boards on both ends and they play with relentless MJ-like intensity. 

A special player is not only an immensely talented player, it's a player who does all the things I just talked about in the above paragraph. Very few guys can lay claim to this elite level status. MJ tops the list. Kobe's on it. Putting Bosh in the 'special' category is as big of a stretch as South Beach, but there's no doubt that Wade and LBJ are in this category. Throw in a superstar caliber talent in Bosh, who is starting to buy into the demands of being a special player via the Wade/'Bron effect, and you have a near unbeatable triumvirate. Bosh has really found his niche with the Heat throughout these playoffs and is growing immensely as a player each game the Heat plays in these types of atmospheres.

Playing the Heat in a Best- of- 7 series should be an 8th Amendment violation: it's cruel and unusual punishment. The Heat will lose games, the Heat will lose playoff games, but the task of trying to beat this team four -out of- seven games the next six years is an incredibly daunting and near impossible task. Good luck Chicago. Good luck Dallas. Good luck NBA. Whether you like it or not, the Heat are about to reel off championships at a quicker rate than Tiger Woods posted up playboy bunny's. The only thing stopping this team from a dynastic, not-seen-since the Celtics of the late 50's and early 60's championship run- is if Harold Camping's 'End of The World' prediction comes true. Right. 

Some say the move Bosh, 'Bron and D-Wade made is going to poison and dilute the NBA's talent pool due to them setting a precedent with superstars teaming up. To me, that's neither here nor there, these three gentleman sacrificed millions of dollars, potentially damaged their reputations and were subsequently labeled as villains in order to do one thing: Win championships. Isn't that why you play the game? To win? All you can do is win win win win win till they tell you to go home, and Miami won't be told to go lay on South Beach 'till late June for the next six years and possibly beyond. So grab some popcorn, reeses pieces and a glass of haterade and enjoy the show!